Street photography

What do I mean by street photography? And what are the basics that I follow (to the best of my knowledge and certainty)?

These are the principles I act on:
1) Respect your personal rights
2) No violation of human dignity
3) A situation is not depicted, but a story

“Should I publish a picture of you on which you can be recognized and you do NOT want it to appear in this BLOG or on my social media accounts. Please contact me and I will delete it immediately.”

My pictures are created under the aspect of freedom of art (§ 23 I No. 4 KUG). People who can be seen on my pictures serve as “accessories”.

Images on which a person can be recognized as the main motive, I asked for my consent. If the consent is withdrawn, I will of course delete the images (data).

As always – before arguing and costs arise – talking and asking always helps both sides best.

Verona – 08.2020, one shot one hit
Corona “keep distance” – Verona
This was made “Kiev at the maidan place”
Las Vegas – The Venetion Hotel – The man was sitting alone and I asked if I could take a picture of him
Berlin Friedrichstraße – “The view through a tram”
“The man with “only one leg”
XF 23mm F/2,8 – ISO 160 – 1/640