A website that every Fujifilm photographer should know is: http://fujixweekly.com . On this website there are various Super Film simulations, which were developed by Ritchie Roesch. A small tip is to download the APP and the few dollars / Euros are money well spent.

That afternoon I used the simulation: Kodacolor II 126. Details about the simulation can be found here: https://fujixweekly.com/2020/04/28/my-fujifilm-x-t30-kodacolor-ii-126-film-simulation-recipe/ I used it on my X-T3 as follows.

Dynamic Range DR200
Film SimulationClassic Chrome
Grain Effectweak
Color Chrome EffectOff
White Balance6300K R:+6 B:+3
Highlight Tone-1
Shadow Tone+3
Noise reduction-4

Contrary to the description on fujiweekly, I left the “Aspect Ratio” on standard, for me it is 3:2. And I actually forgot to set the Color Chrome Effect to “strong”. I also didn’t always pay attention to the recommended ISO.

I used the 23mm F2 and the 18-135mm lenses. Here are my results:


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