When I have too much choice, I tend to complicate things. That’s why it took me almost 1 year to determine the right setup for the assignment of the respective buttons on my X-T3.

Here is my setup which is primarily tuned to street photography.

Get in to the settings

To configure the buttons, you need to press the “DISP BACK” for about 3 seconds. You will then receive the overview, and you can navigate up and down to select the right button.

After selecting the button you want to set the preset, just press the right button on the dial pad you will then be taken to the overview of the available presets.

My button setup

AE-L = ISO Auto Settings
My quick change between the Auto ISO settings. This are my Settings:

  • Auto 1:
    Default Sensitivity 160 ISO
    Max Sensitivity 12800 ISO
    Min. Shutter speed 1/250

    This setup I use when the light condition are not the best, like: very cloudy, foggy, in the evening hours …

  • Auto 2:
    Default Sensitivity 160 ISO
    Max Sensitivity 3200 ISO
    Min. Shutter speed 1/200

    This is my stationary bike setting that I use during the day in good weather and light conditions.

  • Auto 3:
    Default Sensitivity 160 ISO
    Max Sensitivity 6400 ISO
    Min. Shutter speed 1/250

    I use this setup when I walk through well illuminated environments in the evening. Like, streetlights, lights from advertising boards or lights coming from windows or shop windows.

Rear Comand Dial = Focus Check
This setting helps me to quickly check if the area I am targeting is in focus.

Since I hate that the focus changes when triggering, I put this on the AF-L. so I can decide what I want to put in focus. And can still change the image composition without the focus is lost when triggering.

Fn 3 = AF Mode
Her I can choose between: Single Point, Zone, Wide/Tracking and All for th focus.

Fn 4 = Focus Area
In some cases I need to arrange the focus point so i want to have a quick access to it.

Fn 5 = Select Custom Settings
Since I like to shoot in JPEG, I have several presets that I will describe in another post.

Fn 1 = AF-C Custom Settings or White balance
When using the C mode for the focus I like to change quickly the tracking mode.
Depending on what I have planned for that day and if the light conditions are obviously not particularly stable, I change the assignment and assign the white balance to this button.

Fn 2 = Face detection on /off
In some situations, I take pictures from the hip or try to get a person coming towards me into focus. Then I want to have the “face detection” option in quick access.


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