I always like to combine my hobbies. And since I also like to be out in nature, I have just rediscovered, especially in these times – COVID, cycling and of course my camera cannot be missing.

In this section I will write a bit more about my tours and how I combine the two.

How does gravel biking go together with photography?

I had to ask myself a few questions first … before I even thought of really taking my camera on a ride with me:

  • How do I transport the camera?
  • What do I take with me?
  • What is the best way to protect my camera?
  • What do I want to photograph

I have come to the following conclusion. After I now had several encounters with animals from the forest … my camera must always go. And I already know how I transport this.

How do I transport the camera?

After some searching I came up with a solution that was “invented” by other bike enthusiasts from the Netherlands.
In short, they have developed another strap that stabilizes the position of the camera on the back and more or less fixes it to its position.

The name of the product is “Rille Universal Cycling Camera Strap Stabilizer”. And can be used with any conventional camera strap.

To store it goes here and can be purchased for about 40 Euros + shipping fees.

What do I take with me?

Since weight plays a decisive role in cycling, it means: camera body + the lens which is on it and a maximum of an external microphone (eg a RODE) … that’s it …

What is the best way to protect my camera?

Prayer and possibly a camera insurance – since as said weight plays a role I carry my camera without any protection. What I do is that depending on weather conditions (so I mean now not rain) it can be that I mount my fender, which prevents too much dirt while driving on my Camera splashes.

When I actually want to protect my camera I use Peak Design Shell Camera Cover. It is lightweight and also gives a relatively good protection from rain and dirt.

What do I want to photograph

Mostly it is the unexpected moments e.g. a whole herd of deer that cross my path. Or simply an interstates light play in the forest or just another video recording of myself. 🙂